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Tom Coghlan

About Tom Coghlan

Tom Coghlan, CMA, MBA, has managed and grown businesses for over 25 years. His diverse set of experiences and roles include Worldwide Director of Finance and Information Technology for a business unit of a chemical company, VP of Client Services for a corporate performance management consulting firm, Instructor in the MBA program at a leading university, and Co-founder of an on-line mobile education business.

Tom is the Managing Director of CPE University, LLC, a provider of review courses and CPE programs. He is the Lead Instructor for the delivery of Certified Management Accounting (CMA) review courses, and has helped over 200 clients pass the CMA examination. Tom is also the Business Fellow at Villanova University's Center for Business Analytics, where he leads a student analytics consulting practice.  

Tom’s expertise includes Decision Making, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Corporate Performance Management, Forecasting, Activity-Based Costing, and Ethics. He has taught over 1,000 hours of live Continuing Professional Education (CPE) via in-person and online courses.

You can reach Tom via email at or by phone (484) 686-6926.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Connect with me on LinkedIn